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Remove Middle Man


A class has too many methods that simply delegate to other objects.


Delete these methods and force the client to call the end methods directly.

Why Refactor

To describe this technique, we’ll use the terms from Hide Delegate, which are:

  • Server is the object to which the client has direct access.

  • Delegate is the end object that contains the functionality needed by the client.

There are two types of problems:

  1. The server-class doesn’t do anything itself and simply creates needless complexity. In this case, give thought to whether this class is needed at all.

  2. Every time a new feature is added to the delegate, you need to create a delegating method for it in the server-class. If a lot of changes are made, this will be rather tiresome.

How to Refactor

  1. Create a getter for accessing the delegate-class object from the server-class object.

  2. Replace calls to delegating methods in the server-class with direct calls for methods in the delegate-class.