Refactoring is a controllable process of improving code without creating new functionality. It transforms a mess into clean code and simple design.

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Clean code

  • Created after refactoring
  • What makes the code clean
  • Why the code has to be clean

Technical debt

  • Constantly reduced by refactoring
  • What is tech debt
  • Who creates it
  • How to avoid it

Time for refactoring

  • How to find time for refactoring
  • How to fit refactoring into the development process

Refactoring process

  • Step-by-step process
  • How to keep existing code functional
  • How to speed-up refactoring

Premium Refactoring Course

  • Detailed review of 21 code smell and 66 refactoring techniques.
  • Live examples in Java/C#/PHP.
  • No time limits. Study at your own pace.
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