Simplifying Method Calls

These techniques make method calls simpler and easier to understand. This, in turn, simplifies the interfaces for interaction between classes.

Rename Method

Problem: The name of a method does not explain what the method does.

Solution: Rename the method.

Add Parameter

Problem: A method does not have enough data to perform certain actions.

Solution: Create a new parameter to pass the necessary data.

Remove Parameter

Problem: A parameter is not used in the body of a method.

Solution: Remove the unused parameter.

Separate Query from Modifier

Problem: Do you have a method that returns a value but also changes something inside an object?

Solution: Split the method into two separate methods. As you would expect, one of them should return the value and the other one modifies the object.

Parameterize Method

Problem: Multiple methods perform similar actions that are different only in their internal values, numbers or operations.

Solution: Combine these methods by using a parameter that will pass the necessary special value.

Replace Parameter with Explicit Methods

Problem: A method is split into parts, each of which is run depending on the value of a parameter.

Solution: Extract the individual parts of the method into their own methods and call them instead of the original method.

Preserve Whole Object

Problem: You get several values from an object and then pass them as parameters to a method.

Solution: Instead, try passing the whole object.

Replace Parameter with Method Call

Problem: Calling a query method and passing its results as the parameters of another method, while that method could call the query directly.

Solution: Instead of passing the value through a parameter, try placing a query call inside the method body.

Introduce Parameter Object

Problem: Your methods contain a repeating group of parameters.

Solution: Replace these parameters with an object.

Remove Setting Method

Problem: The value of a field should be set only when it is created, and not change at any time after that.

Solution: So remove methods that set the field's value.

Hide Method

Problem: A method is not used by other classes or is used only inside its own class hierarchy.

Solution: Make the method private or protected.

Replace Constructor with Factory Method

Problem: You have a complex constructor that does something more than just setting parameter values in object fields.

Solution: Create a factory method and use it to replace constructor calls.

Replace Error Code with Exception

Problem: A method returns a special value that indicates an error?

Solution: Throw an exception instead.

Replace Exception with Test

Problem: You throw an exception in a place where a simple test would do the job?

Solution: Replace the exception with a condition test.

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