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Hi there! My name is Alexander Shvets, I'm your fellow programmer and the author of

Just a week ago, I was sitting at my makeshift home office, happily setting up Github Actions for the new website deployment workflow. My daughter had a running nose that week, so we kept her at home due to COVID restrictions at school. So, she was sitting in the pajamas at the kitchen table with my old laptop, trying to connect to her Microsoft Teams account that our school uses for remote schooling. There had been problems with connectivity, so I heard a bit grumpy voice of my wife complaining about the quality of our home internet. I now remember that morning as some kind of idyllic movie. A different life that someone else has had.

Because two days ago Russian president went nuts and declared war on my country. During the last few days, I've seen pictures of the burnt bodies, the cruising missiles hitting my neighborhood, the attack helicopters flying over the place where we were barbequing in summer. Many destined our military to fall within hours, but we managed to keep the invader from capturing major cities and Kyiv so far. Thanks to our military heroes. Thanks to our heroes from the simple folk. And thanks to substantial aid from the whole civilized world. With all the sanctions imposed on the madman and all the military aid we've got, I think we may have a chance to prevail. Still, we will need all the help we can get.

You can help too. Donate to our military and volunteers, or help humanitarian charities. There's a chance you worked with someone from Ukraine previously on a software project. Ask if they need any help. Even something simple as sharing your words of support would help tremendously. Here's the page that lists the most common ways to help:

Thank you for supporting us in these grieving times!

Alexander Shvets, 2022-02-26